Optimum Evolution Weight-Management Program has been offered at our clinic since May 2010. This practitioner-guided weight management program has gained popularity by our clients incredible weight loss. The results of this approach are revolutionary and they speak for themselves, as more people are wanting the same benefits of those who have completed this 6 week program.

Not Just Another "Weight Loss Program"
Many patients fail in weight management because they attempt diet programs that are unrealistic or only provide a temporary fix that does not lead to lasting results. Others become overwhelmed with the uncomfortable side effects of dieting, such as hunger or food cravings, or become frustrated with poor results.

The Optimum Evolution Weight-Management Program is not just another diet: it is a complete lifestyle program to help patients achieve lifelong health and wellness. It is build around a complete line of comprehensive, professional -grade products which are carefully formulated to support your efforts. An average weight loss is 20- 30 lb for men and 16-25 lb for women in 6 weeks time.

Fat is stored in three different areas of the body:

  1. Structural fat around joints and organs
  2. Normal fat reserves throughout the entire body
  3. Secure or abnormal fat reserves which are known as problem areas - also known as Secondary Fat around:

    a. Hips and Thighs
    b. Waist, Stomach and Buttocks
    c. Behind the upper arms in women and upper chest, back and neck in men

These secondary fat reserves are never released, no matter how much dieting and exercise one does. The body retains these fat reserves as a survival mechanism. Our Optimum Evolution Weight-Management Program has been designed to release the Secondary Fat reserves.

Some of Our Testimonials

I am very grateful for this opportunity to share my experience of Optimum Evolution Weight Loss Program. I would recommend this program to everyone, don't let the Moderately Restricted Active Lifestyle Program scare you. Just follow the instruction in the manual and you will be just fine. I have lost 22 lbs on the 6 weeks diet. Now I am going through the third week of the Maintenance Phase and my weight is steady like a rock. I have learned how to cook healthy food and I really love it. Finally found something that works for me. - W. Drewniak, Mississauga

I am a 46 year old. I have lost 25 lbs on the Optimum Evolution Weight Loss Program. It was easy, effective and I have achieved way more what I expected. My blood pressure is finally back to normal and I don't snore anymore. Before I started this program my biggest concern was that the Moderately Restricted Active Lifestyle Program would not suit my heavy duty work demands. But I actually felt great throughout the entire program. 6 weeks after I finished the maintenance phase I still maintain my new weight with no problems. During the diet I had a chance to find out that my improved digestion is a result of a proper food combining. - Derek W., Mississauga

Two Unique Options (each option lasts 6 weeks)

Option 1 - Calorie-Restricted Lean Body Program.
A stringent dietary program intended to provide improvement in body composition for patients with significant weight-loss goals and sedentary lifestyles.

Option 2 - Moderately Restricted Active Lifestyle Program.
This program combines exercise with more modest dietary restrictions for active patients seeking improvement in body composition and overall health.

The Optimum Evolution Weight-Management Program

3 visits:

  1. Initial 1.5 hr Nutritional Consult (includes body composition and toxicity BIA test and BIE relief):$210.00
  2. All necessary supplements/ drops/ drainage/detox/ vit/ minerals/ manual- from $384.00 to $410.00 (depending on your plan option)
  3. Second Nutrition Consult (0.5 hr):$70.00.
  4. Third Nutrition Consult - 1 hr (includes body composition and toxicity BIA test to help re-asses your progress as well as a preparation of your individual low-glycemic Mediterranean diet to help you maintain your newly achieved weight for life): $140.00.

Our unique plan supports crucial body systems to:

  • Help control appetite, reduce hunger, support glucose metabolism
  • Support organ systems involved in metabolism, detoxification, and drainage
  • Help reduce uncomfortable side-effects associated with dieting, including: low moods, lack of energy, and fatigue
  • Diminishing plateaus and ineffective periods of weight loss and improve successful maintenance of weight
  • Our Optimum Evolution Weight-Management Program contains no human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG)

Other underlying issues that can cause weight gain?


Food cravings may be a strong sign that you are allergic to what you are craving. The net result is that you end up eating the food and manifest allergy symptoms. One of those symptoms is gaining weight in the body storage areas specifically fat.

Many overweight people have gotten obese by eating foods that their body is either intolerant or allergic to and thereby reinforcing the obesity cycle. It has been referred to as the Allergy-Addiction Syndrome described by Stephen Levine, Ph.D. in "More about Allergy and Addiction".

I am so glad my friend told me about your amazing Optimum Evolution Weight Loss Program. I was skeptical at first because it sounded too good to be true. Especially after many unsuccessful attempts with other diet programs - Weight Watchers, Cabbage Diet, High protein diet, Liquid diet, Hoodia diet. I failed at all of them. Whatever weight I lost, I regained with a vengeance. My sluggish thyroid didn't help with my weight loss dilemma. I lost a total of 14 lbs on the Optimum Evolution Weight Loss Program and all the unpleasant symptoms of low thyroid have resolved. My family doctor is absolutely astonished with my lab results - he needed to lower the dose of my thyroid medication by half. My ultrasound results showed that my thyroid nodules and breast cysts have disappeared! Everybody tells me I look 10 years younger now. The Optimum Evolution Weight Loss Program was the easiest weight loss program I have ever done and it didn't only help me to lose weight- but it also helped me to regain my health. This is my first step towards an anti-aging approach to life. - Ewa F., Mississauga

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Many hypothyroid (sluggish thyroid) patients struggle with an inability to lose weight. At first, if you'd gained weight before your thyroid problem is diagnosed, you were probably told you'd be able to lose it more easily -- or perhaps you were even told you'd lose all the extra weight -- once you started on your thyroid hormone replacement.

So you take your thyroid hormone, and the weight doesn't come off.

Later, despite "normal" TSH, T3 and T4 levels, and lower-calorie, low-fat diets and exercise, you find yourself still gaining, or not losing weight. You may also have high cholesterol levels.

According to Dr. E.D. Wilson, M.D. author of " Wilson's Temperature Syndrome ", the normal levels of your thyroid hormones (T3 and T4) in your blood do not mean that the thyroid hormones are actually active and doing their job. If the thyroid hormones are active - your body metabolism is normal. If they are not- your body temperature is lower than normal and metabolism is slow, therefore, your weight loss is practically impossible. T3 hormone interacts with your thyroid receptors on every cell, stimulating them to increase your overall metabolism which causes the cells to drive the body temperature up. This pattern changes under times of severe stress such as childbirth (#1 cause), divorce, death of a loved one, job or family stress, surgery or accidents, excessive dieting, sleep deprivation, where instead of producing the active T3, your body produces an inactive form of T3 (RT3) which then blocks your thyroid receptors, effectively slowing down your metabolism and inducing a conservation mode of functioning in order to conserve energy.

With our carefully designed Optimum Evolution Weight Loss Program that includes these key components, we are confident the slimmer you is just days away. What do you have to lose?!!!