My son has no fluid in his ears now. The doctor cancelled his surgery for July. Thank you!!!
Liz M., Mississauga"
I have been using the recommender product for over 1 month and I have noticed several positive changes in my younger son's behaviour. He is less moody, happier, even grateful; he is willing to share information regarding school, friends and retells me the stories that he reads. However he is still trying to wriggle out of chores.. Even my husband once pointed out to me that, "our son is very cheerful lately". During our one month trial I went with my children on holidays and we had one of the most enjoyable vacations. Thank you Wioletta for your advice, and for your professional help when we come to see you.
Anita, Oakville.
I would like to thank you for helping my family over the years. I do not know what I would do without your advice. You are the best natural healer I had ever met that is so kind, knowledgeable and passionate about your job. When anyone in my family gets sick the first thing that comes to my mind is your name. Thank you for everything you are doing,
Natalia, Mississauga
I can proudly tell you that my fiancé celebrated 1 year without a drop of alcohol and my allergy symptoms are well under control. You really help us to think about the food differently .We eat now 90% vegetarian meals, just some fish a few days a week., Regards & All the best,
B. & C., Mississauga
Thank you for all your help last year. In February it will be one year since I have taken any antibiotics
Philip D., Toronto
Thanks for all your help with my niece. I truly appreciate it. Also my two friends are so thrilled with week one of their cleanse - all thanks to you! My nephew would also like to set up an appt with you,
J.M., Mississauga

I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me. The only improvement I have had in regards to my health has been the decision to come see you. All the complaints I came to you with are now gone! I no longer react to my cat or to pollens. After I changed my diet my high cholesterol has lowered considerably without the need for medication. Thanks to you I now have more energy and have never felt this great ever! So thank you so much Wioletta I cannot say enough about what you have done for me and my health. Susanna D., Mississauga

Wioletta, you have done some wonderful work with my spouse, and now we are wondering if we can book an appointment for our son, who complaints of fatigue, lack of concentration and stuffy and running nose. Nicki, Mississauga

Dear Wioletta,
Thank you so much for pushing me on the right way. Your protocols definitely work. I quite strictly followed the cleansing program and took recommended remedies during 30 days period. It wasn't easy, especially at the very beginning, but then I got used to it. I lost 14 kg, from 105 to 91, my blood pressure went down 10-15 points. And my skin got better. I was initially skeptical of the methods of testing, but again- your protocols work and I am judging for results not impressions. This is how science works. Again many thanks!
Sergey O., Ph.D. , Toronto

It has been over a year since I last had a cold sore. Thank you, Wioletta. Yvonne W., Mississauga

I just thought I'd let you know that I did decide to model on the weekend. I tried that technique you told me and I wasn't nervous at all! It really did help, so thanks for your encouragement and teaching me that technique. The designer really liked me and asked me to model for him again!
Take care,
Susanna, Mississauga

After years of irregular cycles at the age of 42, I decided to give Optimum Wellness Clinic a try. My cycles are regular, my skin is clear and I can eat any food now. I haven't felt this good since I was a teenager! L. Lobo, Brampton, Ontario

Ingesting even a tiny amount of gluten would set into motion a variety of unpleasant side effects. I never imagined I would be able to eat gluten again. Now I am able to eat wheat products without any fear. Optimum Wellness Clinic has definitely made a difference not only in my life, but for those around me too. M.J. Wheeler-Ali, Oakville, Ontario

I am 25 year old and used to suffer with headaches for quite sometime. I tried using various modalities with no help. Not only have I not had a headache since my first visit, which was months ago, but I no longer feel bloated or tired. Nutrition consulting did more then just getting rid of my migraines. I. Kowalczyk - Mississauga

Michael and I will be greatful for your help for the rest of our lives, although Michael is still too young to appreciate just how much you have helped him. If you ever need anything, I will be more than happy to return the favor, even though I do not believe that I can ever fully replay you for helping us with what we were struggling with for so many years. Joanna Smieja, Royal LePage Meadowtowne Realty, Brokerage - Mississauga

I would like to offer some insight regarding my experience with Optimum Evolution Weight Loss program. In one year I lost 56 pounds. I have more energy than most young people (I am a menopausal woman), I have started working out regularly, I sleep better and am able to concentrate. Wioletta and Rita helped me greatly with their motivation and support. I recommend this program, especially for those who think that they will never lose weight. It is definitely worth it. Thank you! Margaret C. - Cambridge, Ontario

Being an occupational hygienist, I'm often exposed to large amounts of dust and moulds while conducting air quality inspections. This frequent exposure caused me to developed severe reactions to these substances. Very glad to say that I'm no longer troubled by breathing bad air! U. Drewniak - Occupational hygienist

I still cannot believe that I no longer feel miserable during Spring or Fall. It has been 2.5 years since I have no running nose, watery eyes or skin rashes. Thanks again! Anna P., Toronto

I am amazed that after over a year of suffering I'm pain free and my foot causes me no problem anymore. M. Wlodarski, Mississuga

I feel much better these days. My digestion is good and the overall condition is under control. I hardly wake up at night as well. It looks I am on a right path. Thank you very much for your help. Wlodzimierz J.

Since I have completed the recommended nutritional cleanse in January I feel more rested in the morning, I have much less sugar cravings, and much less abdominal gasses. I noticed my mood is more positive, energy level increased also to the fact that I started biking every day.

I am very pleased with my progress - so far I lost 35 lbs in 7 months. The best part is that both my husband and I have kept this weight off. I feel great! Thanks for your help and support. Mauri M., Alliston

Just to let you know what I have experienced within one month since my first visit to Optimum Wellness Clinic - complete resolution of headaches and burning feet. My fingers and toes are not numb anymore and my digestive difficulties are gone. My dizziness and sinus congestion have disappeared as well. Thank you so much! Zbigniew K., Mississauga

I feel so much better after I started to follow your nutritional recommendations since a week ago. Stanislaw C., Mississauga

My co-worker is going see you for a nutritional consultation. I have told her that she would be in good hands. I am speaking from a personal experience - I have never felt better! Thank you for everything. Hanna C., Toronto,

Testimonials can be misleading, results are not typical and may vary.